On Friday, I am going on a little Eurotrip that will lead me through Germany, France, Ireland and Czech Republic. The whole trip will last a month. If I manage better than some american guys, I will get to Berlin on Friday afternoon for the desktop summit: I am going there sponsored by the awesome company I work for, Igalia. Many other igalians will be there too. Grilo will be well represented, with a short talk by Philippe on his integration work of Grilo with the Gnome Shell, and a hacking session with Juan and myself. I will stay in Berlin until the 15th of August, to attend the GObject Introspection hackfest, where I will also be sponsored by Igalia. I should admit I don't know much about the internals of GI yet, but I am excited to "learn by hacking" in the company of great hackers! Then I will continue my Eurotrip, but that is another story.

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03 August 2011