I finally found the time to migrate my blog to the new server I have (the old server died a few weeks ago). I hope I managed to do the transition correctly, and that people following me through a feed reader and/or a planet won't be flooded with a truckload of old articles. If that still happens, I apologise. Also, I know the alert readership that you are noticed that I went back to the default wordpress theme: this is by design (and a bit by laziness). I got tired of the old design, which was ugly anyway (it was hacked together from various bits by a very amateurish designer: me). So, here's something sober, just like I want it to be. As for more generic news, I am still happy, enjoying life in Barcelona, loving my job at Igalia, hacking on cool Grilo stuff (and sometime GStreamer stuff as well). Hopefully I will post some things regarding that in the not so distant future. This might be difficult because most of my spare time these days is taken by what I call the "balloon project", recently started with a few gifted friends of mine. More on that soon, I promise, as I have plenty of things to tell about this project that involves developments in a lot of domains in which I'd love to know more but am always discovering things, such as physics, electronics or computer science.  

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27 April 2011