Tomorrow (Thursday 5th of August 2010), I am going to meet Paola and Ugo on the Camino de Santiago. They've been walking since last Friday, and with them, I should try to reach Santiago de Compostela, after about 3 weeks of walking, if we make it to there, that is. Since I'll probably have plenty of things to tell from the road, I've started another blog just for that, which you can find there: UPDATE: made it there, and finally uploaded all the videos, and wrote many articles, on my santiago blog.


From: Bob
2010-08-04 20:24:31

Can i safely conclude that you still dont have any job ? :)

From: guijemont
2010-08-04 21:13:48

@bob: well, errr, ...hey, come on, its summer!

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04 August 2010