Yesterday, I left a message, in French, on the voicemail of my now ex-landlord to set up a meeting to give him the keys back. He uses Vodafone, and they have that nice service where they transcribe automatically voice messages into text messages (they call it DictaSMS). It turns out that it doesn't work that well for messages in French, as opposed to what they seem to advertise. Here's the text I received shortly after leaving my message on the voicemail:
DictaSMS ha enviado al [number redacted out]: "Bueno(?) Tomas, yo ___ se si tienes el dinero en mi movil en el bolsillo ser una peli y luego en el super, soy Juan Bou es un profesional para pedirselo papel mas chulo. Chao.". Servicio ahora dispo en castellano,catalan,ingles,frances,portugues,aleman.
So, well, thanks for the laugh Vodafone :)

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02 July 2010