Haven't been too active on PAF lately, but I'm coming back to it. I will try to have a satisfactory API this week, and then continue writing the code skeleton and doc, which I have started a bit (for stuff I don't think I will change much in the API).

Also, I have put stuff in place to ease the job, and to ease collaboration (yes YOU are invited to participate), more specifically the following:
I am quite happy with most of PafClock and PafAnimation. I think PafImplicitAnimator needs a bit more reflection, and I don't like that much the name of PafModifier. If you don't understand what all these objects are, please have a look at the wiki page, get the branch (bzr branch lp:paf) and have a look at misc/paf.xmi (UML file, readable at least with umbrello) and examples/poc.c (examples of how the library could be used).

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14 April 2008